Splitsoldier - War Stories EP

These news will wobbel the chocolatechips out of your cookies.

Splitsoldier , a superdangerous musician, just broke out of the internet.
His tunes are known to be superaddictive, be cautious! Currently he is on rampage with the help of the Cookie-Bakery!

His sentence: Life-time for telling war stories
His weapons: 5 massvie dubstep tracks
His Support: EpikureeR and Emiliano Nenzo.

Splitsoldier fights for your right to party. War-Party at its best.

Release date: 29.01.2013

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Splitsoldier - Seasons Wither

Splitsoldier - Prepare For War

Splitsoldier - Crystal Bay

Splitsoldier - Compound

Splitsoldier - Prepare For War (VIP)

Splitsoldier - Prepare For War (Emiliano Nenzo Remix)

Splitsoldier - Crystal Bay (EpikureeR Remix)