EpikureeR - Upside Down EP

The 1st I-Love-Cookies Records release is finally here:

EpikureeR with his "Down Under" EP.
5 strong Tech-house tracks with 3 remixes by Felix Bernhardt, Rafael Encina and Mooncow.
If you love dancing you will just merge with this incredible songs. Let's take you on a journey you will not forget. Press play and come to the dark side, we have cookies!

Release date: 29.01.2013

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EpikureeR - Does It

EpikureeR - Cave

EpikureeR - Coral Catshark

EpikureeR - Toystory

EpikureeR - Deep Mountain

EpikureeR - Deep Mountain (Felix Bernhardt Remix)

EpikureeR - Deep Mountain (Rafael Encina Remix)

EpikureeR - Deep Mountain (Mooncow Remix)