SweeD.music - Zuckerwatte

What is more sweet than candy floss?

Exact, SweeD candy floss!
SweeD.music strikes again to give you the final sugar shock.

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EpikureeR - Mandy Likes Candy

Welcome to the Candyworld!

Too many sweets? Impossible!
Ask Mandy, she loves Candy and EpikureeR delivers.

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Emiliano Nenzo - One

The baker get the next baking pan out of the oven:

Emiliano Nenzo brings with "One" a wonderful song, carrying a stomping and groovie ambiance.

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EpikureeR - Ape

Monkey, monkey, where is the monkey?

Zoo keeper EpikureeR knows!
Remix from Emiliano Nenzo.

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Text?Serious Old Man - Meltdown


The core is shortly before damage from overheating. Serious Old Man.

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Sweed Music - Sex In Sandals

Sexy as hell!

This two guys want to sprinkle a little bit more sugar over the world. Remixes from EpikureeR, Mooncow and Splitsoldier. Enjoy the songs and get your free copy.

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Text?Cookies For All Vol.1

Our easter gift for you!

3 free tracks from EpikureeR, Boris Der Koch
and Serious Old Man. Enjoy the songs and get your free copy.

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Text?VANILLA TRAP - Tonight

It's a trap!

Free release from Vanilla Trap

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Splitsoldier War Stories EP

War-Party at its best

Five tracks from Splitsoldier supported by
EpikureeR and Emiliano Nenzo.

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EpikureeR - Upside Down EP

I-Love-Cookies Records proudly presents :

EpikureeR with his "Down Under" EP.
5 strong Tech-house tracks with 3 remixes by Felix Bernhardt,
Rafael Encina and Mooncow.

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